The Big Meet

For years a small group of collectors have met at Newark Antiques Fair, comparing lamps and exchanging information.  Some have even travelled to the annual German and French lamp meets.

The question has always been asked - why doesn’t the UK have its own event?

The  Miners Lamp Collectors Society

and our Big Meet is the answer!

The 14th of June 2008 at Pleasley Colliery near Mansfield, saw the first BIG MEET of Miners Lamp Collectors.  Visitors from Cornwall to Scotland, the USA, France and Germany attended.

Most collectors who came bought!

Those who didn’t took time in making new contacts or talking to old friends.

So why not join us for our thirteenth event

in June 2021……

We are grateful to Pleasley for the use of their site for our  event.

Every year we donate  the majority of our takings to help them continue improving their facilities.

Why not join us on facebook - The Miners Lamp Collectors Society - Big Meet